HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) can help customers accelerate innovation by providing a bridge between technology and finance agendas to achieve business goals. From helping release capital from existing infrastructures to deferring payments, we are ready to work with you and support your teams, protect your day-to-day business, and prepare for the future.
Our flexible portfolio of services and solutions can help you build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies that enable digital transformation and help deliver in an age of disruption. You can benefit by:

  • Overcoming budget constraints
  • Retaining cash to reinvest in business objectives
  • Allowing for technology refresh to stay current with the latest technologies
  • Aligning cash flow to IT
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HPEFS offers $2B in financing programs to help COVID-19 crisis

HPE Financial Services is offering $2 billion to help alleviate some of the strains felt by businesses around the globe, as they navigate an uncertain business climate. A variety of financing and asset lifecycle options are immediately available to address the most pressing challenges customers are facing.


Lease Structures

FMV (Fair market value)

Flexibility at reduced cost, use of the solution for a 12-60 month term with options to extend, own, or return

$1 Purchase (Finance Lease)

Convenient financing, use of the solution for a 12-60 month term with asset transfer to customer at end of term

Defer or Reduce Expenses

Payment Deferral

Acquire now and pay later. Delay payment up to 90-days to help ease budget strain

Step Payments

Payments grow as customer reaps benefits from new technology

Generate Cash from Assets

Accelerated Migration

Convert existing, owned IT assets into an incremental cash source while still retaining use of the systems

Tech Buyback

Empty your storage rooms and put money back in your pockets. Use excess, newer generation tech to help generate capital.

Additional Solutions & Services

Mix Environment

Acquire products from various brands in a single transaction

Flexible End of Term

Extend, return or own the equipment at the end of the term. Can’t decide, go month to month

Pack & Ship Solutions

Experts to pack and ship hardware with ease and confidence

Asset Upcycling Services

Collection and disposal of IT equipment

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We believe in forging a relationship with our clients based on transparency and trust. We function like your extended team, giving the same amount of commitment and integrity as you would expect from a core member of your own team. We try to envisage ways by which the partnership can contribute towards enhancing the overall competitive positioning of the our clients in their market space. By cutting costs through global sourcing, your company gains that advantage which more and more companies are embracing and we strive to add more value to that through innovative product engineering, helping your products to stand out and be better than the competition, not only in terms of cost but in terms of innovation as well.

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