Backup & Recovery Solutions

Safeguard against
ransomware and outages

We deliver easy-to-deploy back up as a services solutions to protect your mission critical SaaS, on premise data and native applications.

Our Offerings

Modernize your IT infra with our unrivalled backup and recovery, and data protection solutions. What do we offer:

  • Industry-best disaster recovery

    We deliver best in the industry solutions with ransomware protection and disaster recovery for any or every application on-premises or on cloud.

  • Cloud data protection

    With regular backups on cloud, take advantage and lower the risk for cyberthreats and ensure instant recovery in outages.

  • On-premises data protection

    Our experts manage your data in every way possible so that your freed up resources can help you scale other business operations.

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Focus Areas for a Disaster Recovery Solution

We execute cohesive strategies to prepare a full proof data recovery solutions for you.

Understand the difference between backup and replication

Replication is a “hot copy” of data for a quick recovery in point and time while backup is the “cold copy” in case the source of data is corrupted.

Automate everything

All the back up processes are automated, and they perform automatic recovery tests to confirm the integrity of the backup operations implemented.

Follow the “3-2-1 Rule”

To keep at least three copies of data storing two copies on different media and one offsite to cover up all sorts of damages in one go.


Data to be kept encrypted in every copy and right firewalls deployed to ensure any forms of cyber-threat .

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strong understand how to give you peace of mind in case of total failures or worst that happens to your IT systems and data

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Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery

Back up and recovery solutions are a necessity today to protect your data. Know what are the benefits for you:

  • Data Security
  • Data Recovery and Replication
  • Easier Data Management
  • Save on Cost
  • Seamless Performance
  • Compliance Control

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