SOC as a Service

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for Security Breaches?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors your organization’s IT environment to detect malicious activity and ensure the safety of your data and digital assets.

Key to our approach

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We deliver a holistic approach to SOC as a Service, providing businesses 24*7 security coverage. Our confidence comes from the deep visibility of technology stack of our security specialists to detect and thwart the security breach.

As a market leader, we know how to manage the missing links to give your business, peace of mind. Whether you are looking to outsource your security program or augment your current in-house IT or security team we can assist.

  • Optimize Cost and Performance
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Managing Infrastructure Gaps
  • Optimise Resources
  • Minimize Security Failures
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Secure Your Data

How to Reduce the Impact
of a Breach.

We work in continuum with research and intelligence to detect the possibility of a breach and create a plan in response.

Connect With A Storage Specialist Now

SOCaaS integrates with business infrastructure to provide 24/7 monitoring with real-time identification, analysis & reporting.


We organize the threat investigation process to turn the complex threat event analysis into a readymade service.


On time response to fill the security gaps is what our teams prioritize. Post analysis, we fix the business-critical infrastructure.


Build Cyber Proof Storage

Why SOC as a service

No matter the size of the organization, it is imperative to address the growing volume of cyber threats in a structured manner. Security for todays’ businesses involves multiple technologies and skills. To stay safe from data breaches and cyber-attacks, using a SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) acts as a partner for security.

Early Identification

Pre-empting the possibilities of any attacks allows our security specialists to investigate on time and respond to any unlikely events.


Mitigating Risks

Handling concerns on time and monitoring the sensitive data helps organization combat security threats and in turn meeting compliance.

Real Time Monitoring

On time tracking of dynamics informs about future security protocols and tailored approach for each organization reducing vulnerability.


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